Galloway Systems Limited

INT has recently been created to support our Shipping Scheduler Program. Originally designed to help with the scheduling of bulk product delivery, this program has evolved in the last five years to be much more. The most recent version includes the following enhancements:
  • Links to a Mainframe computer to analyze historical data,
  • Multi-platform database integration on Windows (various) and Linux,
  • Multiple delivery point including stand-alone, intranet and internet,
  • Off-line updating available with central control of Master files,
  • Multiple originating sites, multiple delivery sites, over multiple regions,
  • Seamless mix of carriers via ship, truck or air,
  • Accurate inventory projections and automated delivery schedules,
  • Statistical analysis modules to support management tools such as Excel or PowerPoint.
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The internet is maturing to the point where companies can now feel confident they can offer increased services to their favoured clients without compromising their data. Using a combination of secure servers and embedded programming methods Galloway Systems can give your company a friendly and accurate method to service clients.

This is almost e-commerce but not quite. We can create a process where specific items of inventory can be presented to specific clients of groups of clients much like a Standing Offer. Automated procedures keep the data current on a schedule you control. Automated processing with "fail-safe backup" assure you never miss an order and receive an order instantly. By maintaining a client login you can continue your practice of billing clients just as if they visited your store.

Why are we offering this as a product now? Because costs have dropped so dramatically that this service is now affordable, even by small and medium sized companies.