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The Internet Based -
Remotely Operated,
Ship Scheduling and
BULK inventory
optimization system.





RIOS Benefits

Using RIOS to manage your logistics process offers many benefits that manifest company-wide:

  • RIOS helps minimize your inventory at both the source and destination without the worry of running out. Tighter product control results in increased cash flow and less raw materials have to be stored on site to account for scheduling emergencies and/or safety stock.
  • RIOS helps eliminate inventory spikes through accurate shipment scheduling.
  • RIOS helps reduce demurrage costs through long-term scheduling and by identifying dates of congestion or possible ship conflicts at your load port. With this system you can handle emergencies quickly while making adjustments rapidly and accurately.
  • RIOS is designed to be an information-sharing tool that you share with your transportation provider, plants, ship agents, and others in the supply chain. Partnering results in reduced transportation cost, more favorable contracts with your carriers, and viable long-term relationships.
  • RIOS has been proven to increase communication between corporate offices, plants, raw material suppliers and carriers. With RIOS, everyone has a vested interest in the schedule and can see how the changes they make for their production facility affects the big picture. As a result, all parties concerned buy into the increased productivity and savings.
  • An accurate long-term schedule aids in scheduling plant downtime and dock, rail, or road repairs to produce the least impact on your inventory. You tell RIOS to expect the increased or decreased production and the schedule adjusts accordingly.